what to expect

Plan a visit with us and you’ll experience a warm welcome, engaging music, honest prayer and challenging, practical teaching. Check out and catch up on our messages by listening to our podcast!

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What should I wear?


It’s the people who make WCNaz the place it is. People – all ages, backgrounds, personalities, etc. – who create the atmosphere, make you feel welcome, and invite you to engage. There is no dress code at our church... Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, polo's, button-ups and more are ALL okay. Feel free to BE YOURSELF!


WCNaz is located just Southwest of Dayton in West Carrollton, Ohio. Our address is 550 South Elm Street, West Carrollton, OH. We would love to see you at one of our worship or small group gatherings this week! 

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What about my Kids?

Students and kids have several opportunities throughout each week to connect with each other through worship, learning and more. Everything we do is age-appropriate and designed to draw kids and students further into the story of God in the Scriptures, to develop a strong foundation, and to live out the teachings of Jesus in their every day lives.