our vision

There are three words that make up the DNA of WCNaz. Each is a foundational value built on what Christ has called us to be. 

We are called to kneel, called to bridge, and called to go.  

Our Mission: Our mission is to make Christ-like disciples in our community and in the world. 

Knowing that we should not try to do everything, these are the things God is calling us to, and therefore, we will concentrate our resources and time on:

-Worship/Kneeling – The biblical word for worship (proskuneo) means to fall upon the knees and touch the ground with the forehead as an expression of profound reverence. That is the posture of our hearts.

-Relational Discipleship/Bridging – we will connect with each other as individuals and groups with the goal of making Christ-like disciples.

-Mission/Going- We will serve our community and world, expecting nothing in return, always looking to create opportunities to share the life giving Gospel of Jesus Christ.